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Numerous terrible murders, each spreading a signature MO, happens across Malaysia and Republic of indonesia

Numerous terrible murders, each spreading a signature MO, happens across Malaysia and Republic of indonesia

A few brutal murders, each spreading a signature MO, takes place across Malaysia and Indonesia. Called in to research, Singaporean International criminal activities unit (ICD) officer Serena Teo (Rebecca Lim) requires fee of a case across the edge where loved ones was slaughtered aboard luxuries boat in Johor. At the same time, in Jakarta, for ICD Lieutenant Heriyanto Salim (Ario Bayu), your situation turns personal if his sister can be obtained murdered in equivalent settings. Pursuing advice, Heri discovers ways to put themselves inside Malaysian examination. As Serena and Heri interact to trap the great, his or her concerns cause them to industrialist/kingpin Datuk Ishak Hassan (Wan Hanafi Su), whoever prominent families and recognized colleagues all have connection to the victims. Could Ishak end up being further on the listing, or is this individual the guy accountable? Discovering their most a€?unsavourya€™ allies, Serena happens to be stunned to encounter a familiar advantageous site look: compared to this model grieving ex-partner, former Malaysian ICD officer Megat Jamil (Bront Palarae).

Fairly Minor Liars

a€?Two will keep something. if one ones is actually deada€? In Amerta college, 5 girls means the most common clique at school a€“ Aria, Hanna, Sabrina, Ema, and Alissa. One night, good friends celebration at Sabrinaa€™s pool quarters. But once they awaken, they pick Alissa is missing. These 4 women are generally required back into one anothera€™s everyday lives whenever they get messages blackmailing these with methods only Alissa might have known. The communications are derived from someone who phone calls on their own a€?Aa€™. The previous bunch companies jointly while they turned out to be convinced that a€?Aa€™ must Alissa, who’s available to choose from around taunting these people. Which is, until Alissaa€™s person is found out in the backyard of the apartment. Who slain Alissa? Incase Alissa is definitely dead. after that who is a€?Aa€™?

Your Ripple Tea

Modem, she’s a secret. The mother can shed a spell, hence really does she. But she shall avoid using it!

On the 24th birthday, a€?love never ever losta€™ magical bubble beverage is provided to Modem as something special. She claims to never put it to use. Magic-induced really love will never get genuine. The universe quickly proves her completely wrong as that teas, believing that she threw they out, try offered right down to the head protection of BearBike boyfriend. Mild, that is a bastard to any or all however therefore sweet to the lady!

Modema€™s real love happens to be leader, and Light is simply a fake ideal. A minimum of this is just what she say herself. Them like with ceo dona€™t seem to go everywhere while mild is enthusiastic about their. Almost like points arena€™t messed up nevertheless, the familya€™s magic bubbles are generally stolen and are generally nowhere to be found! In bringing right back these bubbles, Modem in fact locates by herself unraveling the hidden solution of Light, company, and by herself that arena€™t just a coincidence, notably a destiny.

Keluarga Baha Don

Jo Don and pad Don get away the clutches of a not likely abductor. On the other hand, a ruthless equal is out to wreck the Baha kids. Can mild-mannered Jo convert themselves into a badass don and get back the reliability of their estranged acquaintances to help save the time?

Isteri Mysteri

The ostensibly content domesticity of a Kuala Lumpur home goes up in fires when a hapless polygamist welcome a witch doctora€™s prophecy that certain of his or her wives has gone out to kill hima€¦ but which?! He must rethink his or her myths of his or her wives in addition to their seemingly ordinary facades so that you can outsmart the murderer.

Vocals in the pouring rain

Popular clothier Rarin always inexplicably hears a sound of a guy’s notice within her head. This vocals elevates her creativeness. She wonders whoever voice this is but hasn’t ever believed it is owned by Tanthai, the beautiful star and style that this tart’s about to work with for originating wet year. After getting to know who owns the voice she crumbled for, she realizes he’s an overall total opposite of the lady fantasy to this lady frustration. Achieve the comments to fade and begin trying to find the fundamental cause of how and why they’re able to notice each othera€™s speech. Something reasona€™s resting forward as relationship within the two evolves.

Ansaf Majaneen

An Egyptian adventure story collection revolving around Anas, that transplants one’s heart of author Mahmoud whoever feel chases Anas inquiring him for making his or her final intend be realized.

Wadi Al Jinn “The Cave”

An Egyptian journey television series about several grouped good friends exactly who proceed a visit during the wilderness to explore a cave, wherein these were dragged into an underworld controlled by bad abilities!

Doom at Your Tool

Tak Dong Kyung, try a girl that’s having an incurable condition. With simply 100 time kept of the woman daily life, she wishes to the performers perhaps not for the money or celebrity, primarily doom. Eventhough it ended up being simply words to the woman, the movie stars have got listened to her intend. A stranger called Myul co shows up at this lady doorsteps claiming themselves become the doom on the planet. As doom, his only character was actually enjoying over humans for eternity not manage to have any emotions or whatsoever. This is exactly a story between a girl exactly who wishes to lively happily your experience she’s got left, and a boy with undergone the deepest darkness of doom. A story authored by two different beings who face death, but at long last realize the true purpose of lifetime.

Close Friend

Let us encounter six mini-dramas with a “more-than-friends” history, determined by six song from six specialists of container Music. The 12 providing famous actors from girl admiration program will produce an individual feelings and thoughts which makes your heart flutter.

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